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Grants To Purchase A Car?

Roseb441702 started this conversation

This excerpt has been taken from my Grant Basics 101 at:

Grants To Purchase A Car!

A number of states and counties provide funding directly to low-income families to help them purchase cars. In some states, funds for car purchase are available on a statewide basis. In other states, this benefit is provided by the county and may not be available throughout the state. In most cases, these benefits are available only to certain individuals/families that meet the eligibility requirements of the state.

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Perhaps one could look into this resource for the necessary paperwork: The Grant Professor (apparently they have a .com web site). One day I received a CD from them which had a presentation of the process one needs to go through in order to appeal for a grant. Not all grants require this format, yet the individual receiving such knowledge will know just a bit more about the whole process.

Matthew Lesko has a site also (put his name in your search engine) which reveals a bunch of sites one can explore for something relevant to their situation. He also has a book about the government grant arena (which may or may not be as costly as a membership in his site). It seems that the book presents the same information in the book...




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